Sea Gem

One of the  Sea Gem’s legs collapsed  while it was working in the North Sera in December 1965

The Sea Gem  was originally a  5,600 steel barge was converted into an oil rig by BP in 1964.  The jack up barge was based on  10 steel legs  which was able to raise the hull   15 metres (49 ft) over the water’s surface. It had a crew of 34. At one end was a drilling derrick.


When  moving the Sea Gem from a site 67km  off the lincolnshire coast  to anothe rlocation 2 miles away, the barge jacked down to the water surface. During the process, two of the legs    broke and the rig capsized.

The radio room sank into the sea without sendin out a distress signal, but the accident was spotted by the   freight ship the Baltrover which was able to help rescue the crew